WC Vampire Crab "Bicolor"

This Freshwater crab is a newly described species from Sulawesi Island. They are terrestrial species which lives in the forest and near sources of running water.

They are scavengers and will eat nearly anything such as: a dead insect like a cricket. If given the opportunity, they will tackle a live one . Also, they will eat a powdered diet, pelleted or regular fish food.

This attractive Vampire Crab is successfully bred in captivity and also it is easy to take care of.

Common Name: Vampire Crabs
Scientific Name: Geosesarma "Bicolor"
Adult Size: 2-2.5 inches with spreading legs
Temp: 72-80° F
Humidity: 75% or above
Fresh or Salt Water: Freshwater
Larval Stage: The eggs hatch out into small fully developed crabs
Care: Easy