Cyphotilapia gibberosa "Mpimbwe Blue"


For many years in cichlid hobby, the Cyphotilapia frontosa has been considered the king of the depth, since it is found so deep in Lake Tanganyika. This species was introduced in early 1990, and it has become an established species for many cichlid lovers.


In fact, there are many types, but the most common one is the Burundi six-stripe frontosa. The Burundi six-stripe frontosa was introduced and exported by Pierre Brichard, who was one of the import pioneers of Lake Tanganyika’s Cichlids.


Later, other importers also introduced us to new frontosa’s like the Tanzanian six-stripe, the Kigoma seven-stripe, the Kipili, and more. Cichlid hobbyists around the world have received one of the newest Cyphotilapia frontosa "mpimbwe blue," with great admiration. I love the "mpimbwe blue" because of the striking vivid black and white vertical stripes, the bright blue on it’s fins, and deep blue in the cheeks.